tMod (3.1.5)

tMod – Это сервер для Terraria, написанный на C#, который раньше был платный, но из-за конкуренства с TShock, стал бесплатным. Преимущества сервера в отличие от TShock очень велики – Хорошая админка, мощный античит, настройка групп, большая конфигурация и поддержка плагинов.


Список изменений:
This version: v3.1.5
New in this version:
* Added crash preventions in ListenForClients (should stop most if not all crashes)
* Updated the Mana limit.

====Previous versions====
* Fixed /me
* Fixed /party
* Fixed /reply
* Fixed ServerPassword <-- my bad, sorry * Remove meaningless crap * Include Group_Edit.exe v3.1.3: * Scrapped v3.5 source code due to shittyness (I won't go into much detail, but the way I did it was shit) * Began re-writing v3.5 features * Added CanBuild group setting * ADDED IN-SERVER WORLD GENERATION WHEN WORLD IS NOT FOUND! * Meddled with some lua stuff to make it work better * Added easter egg (complaints can be emailed to an invalid email address) v3.1.2: * Fixed for v1.0.5 * Added BlockTileSquare setting NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE V3.5 UPDATE, THAT REQUIRES MORE TESTING, THIS WAS A QUICK UPDATE FOR V1.0.6 OF TERRARIA! v3.1.1: * Fixed various bugs * Added /stupidize and /butterfingers - Don't know what they are? Try them out on yourself with /stupidize {name} ;D - Thanks to Dinnerbone for the idea, years ago. Like really, he made something called GSBOS and was using it on a forum called script-o-matic... meh I won't go into that! v3.1: * Fixed BindPort, BindAddress * Added -config argument * Added Configure.bat * Introduced auto-installation v3.0.9: * Fixed about 8000 bugs and exceptions * No longer supporting SqlServerCe * Some other stuff, can't remember, LOL. v3.0.8: * Re-added password cryptography. Sorry, I removed it as a test. Please delete your database if any users have registered. Again, I'm sorry. v3.0.7: * SQLite support. * Fixed /drop /give etc * Fixed some group bugs, sorry * Added readme.txt * Messed with teleportation, appears to be working fine. v3.0.6: * Fixed various bugs regarding Groups.xml * Fixed exception when player doesn't have a group (I swear I fixed this before... it came back though... LOL) * Fixed the most common player-crash exploit * Started to work on a fix for a MAJOR exploit I found in Terraria. It's semi-fixed. Anyone with a brain can still do it, except AFAIK I'm the only one that's found it so far. * Fixed various teleportation bugs, some still exist. * Created this file! Note: Exploits are all TERRARIA exploits and not tMod, consider yourselves lucky I'm fixing them. v3.0.5: * Logs just started. May re-create old changelogs at some point.[/spoiler]

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