Карта Классный поселок для Террарии

Карта с небольшим но классным посёлком для Террарии. Тут все дома выполнены в разных стилях, и визуально отлично смотрятся. Помимо этого есть НИПы и куча других полезных штук. Видно что автор потратил много времени на постройку такого разнообразного поселка.


Установка карт в Террарию

TerrariaGo - Всё для Terraria (Террария) скачать бесплатно
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  1. steven

    so good

  2. Harvey gacus

    Wow it’s really works

  3. Mad Hatter

    ➖⚜Dear artist[s] behind this map⚜➖

    Thank you for all of your hard work and for sharing your finished product with our community. We appreciate it.

    ➖⚜ Dear other players who are trying to download this incredible map ⚜➖

    I know some people seem to be commenting that they’re having a hard time figuring out how to get the maps and players installed on their devices.
    I only know what works for me. That said, if your using either an Android phone or tablet, simply click the grey rectangular button that says «DOWNLOAD» on it in black letters.
    This button is located under the screenshot(s) area (possibly underneath an advertisement, or two, depending on whether or not you have an add blocker installed. Either way, the button is the first, NON-ADVERTISEMENT, clickable object underneath the screenshot(s).
    After you click the download button, it will prompt you to click either «player» or «map» depending on whether your downloading a player or a map. Once you click the appropriate option, your player or map will download and automatically install in the game.
    After that, exit out of this screen and open Terrarria. If you have downloaded a new player, you will see it listed with the other players that you have either made yourself or downloaded elsewhere. You can click to choose your new player and it will be ready for you to play! If you have downloaded a new map, you will see it listed with the other maps that you have either made yourself or downloaded elsewhere. You can click to choose your new map and it will be ready for you to play!

    This is all super super easy thanks to this awesome app that we’re using! I definitely want to also give a BIG big THANK YOU to the developer[s] of this app! We, the players, really appreciate your hard work. You’ve completely enhanced our game play, and for that, we are really grateful to you‼️

  4. Просто чел

    А есть такая но на journey mod ?

    1. terrariago-admin автор

      Можете сами изменить на любой режим используя https://terraria-map-editor.com/

  5. Ismael x3 :v

    Esta chido esta buenardo pero lo podrian poner en maestro o viaje la verdad es q es la unica casa chida que encontre xd

  6. Awgan

    1. Какая сложность карты?
    2.Какой размер мира
    3.Какая стадия прохождения мира?

    1. terrariago-admin автор

      Размер карты маленький а остальных данных не знаю

  7. Qadir

    Its very nice its totally working 👍💪

  8. Qadir

    Good apps👍😎